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shadow_writers's Journal

The Shadow Writers
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This is a journal created for the compulsive scribblers of the Camarilla UK roleplaying group, who want to write about IC occurances without worrying about people using it for meta-gaming. Also, feel free to add non-cam roleplaying stories. We're not fussy :)

There should be a link on the userinfo page that will allow you to join up. You will need to be approved by one of the community admins as well so please identify yourself to us (once you've clicked the join link) by e-mailing writers@planetvenus.org.uk.

The only rules for the group are:

1) The common sense rule that all knowledge gained from reading anything on this group is 100% OOC. There's no way to enforce this of course, its just a trust thing.

2) Try to post semi-regularly. Doesn't have to be every week but its nice to not post once when you join and then never again. Nothing is strictly enforced but you may get poked for productivity.

3) We are restricting to members of the Camarilla. As long as you go to games or have a valid membership number, we're happy to have you :). If you decide to leave the Cam, please email the mods and let us know, so we can remove you off the community. We'll take you off when you stop coming to games or your membership expires (which ever one is later).

Have fun, and hope you enjoy reading these :)